Relay Drawing

Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE), Los Angeles

Relay Drawing Relay Drawing explores the psychogeography of Hollywood by using mobile telephone interactions in a generative process. Over the course of the event, LACE's headquarters are transformed into a remote drawing laboratory for investigating the Hollywood strip.

As participants arrive, they are paired off. Partners may or may not know each other, but share an interest in interpreting and relating to the space of Hollywood. Each pair receive a set of packets and each person in the pair select one of the packets. Each packet contains a set of instructions and some materials relating to their role in the process. Person A's packet instructs its opener to remain at LACE and provides drawing paper and a pencil as well as a set of texts on slips of paper. The texts are clips extracted from poetry, non-fiction, and fiction literature on Hollywood and Los Angeles as well as a series of directional instructions (e.g. Walk straight, turn left at the next block). Person B's packet instructs its opener to go out into the streets and await a phone call from his/her partner. The packet also includes a map of the surrrounding area.

While person A remains at LACE and arranges himself with pen and large paper, his partner B takes to the streets. The partners will speak to each other via telephone. Person A begins selecting texts at random from the packet and begins reading them through the phone creating a running audio overlay to person B's experience of walking through the streets. When person A reads aloud a directional instruction, person B will follow those directions. When all the text clips have been exhausted, person B will stop at where he/she is at that exact moment and begin describing his/her surroundings. A will attempt to transcribe and translate these oral descriptions into visual drawings. In doing so, the partners work together in an attempt to negotiate a representation of Hollywood. At the end of the time period, B will return to LACE and partners will switch roles. As drawings are completed, they are compiled to present a collective subjective portrait of Hollywood.

Concept and production
Brian House
Sue Huang
Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing Relay Drawing