Arrangement for Building

The Contemporary Arts Center (CAC), Cincinnati
2014 February 28, 7:00 pm

Arrangement for Building Knifeandfork created Arrangement for Building as a commissioned work for the Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati. The work consists of Mussorgsky's composition Pictures at an Exhibition performed within the museum by a small chamber orchestra from the College-Conservatory of Music. The title of the piece refers not only to the musical arrangement of the work, but to the physical arrangement of the musicians within the space of the building.

Rather than playing as a single unit, the musicians are distributed throughout the seven floors of the building: playing not only on the distinctive zig-zag staircases and in the gallery spaces that open from floor to floor, but also in the administrative offices, the maintenance rooms, and forgotten corners of this unique structure designed by Zaha Hadid. The entirety of the musical score is played in synchronicity despite the vast spatial separations between the musicians. A network of computers (one posted at each musician) act as a distributed metronome, keeping the musicians in time. The audience, while prevented from hearing the orchestra as a whole, is invited to roam, encountering intersections of sound and drawing an invisible web linking the musicians together. They experience both the architecture and the musical piece in new ways through the physicality of walking through the building.

Concept, engineering, fabrication, and production
Brian House
Sue Huang
Video documentation and editing
Nupur Mathur
Tony Walsh
Photo documentation
Nupur Mathur
Daniel Arute
Adam Butalewicz
Dasom Cheon
Matt Cullen
Peter Gorak
Nave Graham
Keith Kile
Katelyn Kyser
Brooke Ten Napal
Amy Pirtle John Renfroe
Musician coordinator
Erin Helgeson Torres